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Znajomosc debian a linuxy ze stajni redhat pod oracle

Discussion in 'Server Administration and Options' started by Robert Polanski, Mar 10, 2016.

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    I'm working as Programmer. At Work I use Debian OS. Currently I'm interested in Oracle Administration. I want to get deeper to this Subject.
    I know Debian very well.
    Is Debian knowledge enough or I have to learn CentOS, Redhat or other authorised OS for Oracle in order to Oracle to administer.
    I mean, do you use any tools specific to for Redhat/Centos OS when you Oracle administer?
    BTW I do not want to install Oracle on Debian but on Centos (VM).
    Is it so that OS ist irrelevant and Oracle administration is transparent independently of OS.

    Sorry for my English. :)
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