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Xbrl + oracle financials r12

Discussion in 'Oracle Apps Technical' started by blackgee, Jul 26, 2015.

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    Hi gurus, how are you? I have a new requirement which I need to perform XBRL outputs reports for General Ledger and others Audit information in others modules as well.

    I made some research about.

    1- I can generate XBRL output using FSG.
    2- R12 doesnt support XBRL 2.1 standards
    3- I setup tables, new forms updated and Concurrent program (XBRL - Load Taxonomy).
    4- Checked Oracle Patch for FSG and XML Publisher adding XBRL.

    I woyld like to have some guidelines to perform this reports using
    1- R12 Oracle Financials FSG (if it can be done) - I couldn't
    2- I read on net that you can use 3party program like Oracle Hyperion closure.
    3- I need to know if someone perform an Oracle Report or PLSQL Code into a Concurrent Program ir order to perform this XML (XBRL) using code or XML/BI Publisher Template.

    I hope someone can help me, I really appreciate any help on this.