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wilsire is providing good training?

Discussion in 'External Resources / Market Place' started by madhureddy5858, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Dear Students,

    blindly some of the students are trusting wilshire software training institution in hyderabad, wilshire is not providing any practical knowledge there is no good faculty, there is no good lab facilities, only theoretical knowledge is there, they are giving huge of publicity and attracting the students there is no real time training there, who had gone there they lost their lot of time and money,

    so first of all know which training institute is giving practical knowledge and where is experienced faculty, so and proceed further.

    i am telling this because i am one of the student of wilshire

    Don't go, Don't wast your time and money!
  2. kiran.marla

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    Dear madhu, not only wilshire ,every student is facing the same problem. faculties simply says "u have to do practice" if any question raises. only 20 - 30 % of sub covered. so know what are the topics, browse and surf , practice is the best way to learn subject.
    hope u understand what i mean .