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why the database need to be upgraded

Discussion in 'General' started by Jayalakshmi Subramani, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Oracle Database Upgrade
    The database administrators need to improve the database based on the business criteria, to upgrade the newer version for performance improvement.
    Database upgrade depends upon business requirement, It’s one of the Database Administrators role to develop a highly forceful database to match that business requirements.
    If any of these below challenges exist in an IT environment, it is time to upgrade the databases to the latest RDBMS version.

    The applications are dissimilar with different performance and data requirements
    The business user base has increased to a large extent
    Application provider is pushing for database upgrade.
    The database vendor has withdrawn support for the current version
    The data is growing exponentially
    One of the key elements of the Upgrade program is to determine the most proper upgrade strategy for database instances. Customers usually perform in-place upgrades when there is no change in the underlying hardware. Some customers perform a platform migration in conjunction with the Oracle upgrade.
    The Database moving from lower version to higher version is known as Upgrade. If the database moving from higher version to lower version is known as downgrade
    Before starting the process we must pre-check the database for upgrade and also need to take whole database backup
    Pre upgrade checks:

    database version
    database size
    server options
    initialization parameter(deprecated/obsolete)
    set the new version bash profile
    upgrade the database
    Test the database
    Tune the database