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Which is best Oracle DBA, MS SQL DBA, MySQL DBA or DB2 DBA?

Discussion in 'Training and Certification' started by kimipatel, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. kimipatel

    kimipatel Active Member

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    I have confusion about which career and certification is best as DBA? MySQL DBA, Oracle DBA, MS SQL DBA, DB2 DBA or Teradata DBA?
    Which one is best? If you have to select which one would you like to select?

  2. ocpgizmo

    ocpgizmo Active Member

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    One answer is that the best database to be certified in is the on which has the most companies hiring in your area.

    My own preference is Oracle -- but I'm biased since that's the DB I've worked in for 17+ years. I have my own reasoning beyond that why it's the best choice, but you have to weigh my reasons against my stated bias...

    1. MySQL -- If a company isn't willing to pay money for an enterprise database, then they probably aren't willing to shell out a lot of money for a DBA to run it. When I have looked at job postings for Oracle DBAs vs MySQL DBAs, the MySQL pay range has invariably been lower.
    2. SQL Server -- Same, to a lesser degree as #1. Plus I don't really care for Microsoft.
    3. DB2 -- still largely tied to the mainframe market. There is not nearly as much call for DB2 DBAs as for Oracle DBAs simply due to the larger number of Oracle database in use.
    4. Teradata -- Has even less market share than DB2.

    That said, where I've seen companies offering *really* big bucks is for people that know two different platforms because they are migrating from one to the other. Mind you, these are almost always short-term, high-hourly rate contract positions.