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When no exceptions are thrown, execute statement?

Discussion in 'SQL PL/SQL' started by thuylinhphuong, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. thuylinhphuong

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    The Victorian architecture of Old Spitalfields Market offered an ideal setting for Vans' annual competition. Alex James will get his skates onto encounter the day's action.

    - The component which was the marriage? How to know what size of skateboard should I need to get

    The Following Vans Downtown Showdown worldwide skateboarding contest to occur in Europe, now at London's Old Spitalfields Market on 20 August. Around 10,000 visitors found watch during the day, which makes it the very best skateboarding event the United kingdom has observed.

    - How was the brief met? The marriage is among skate clothing brand Vans' flagship characteristics globally, and provides been stored within the last six years. After European editions in Turin (2009) and Hamburg (2010), the organization felt proven up to just accept event to London, among Europe's key skateboarding towns. A company from Innovision produced the marriage, working carefully with Tower Hamlets Council.

    Transporting out a location are actually sourced, ten of skateboarding's top brands were requested to submit a hurdle design when using the 2010 theme of Victorian London. The winning obstacles - the Dying Skateboards Ripper Alley, the Cliche Skateboards Tower Bridge along with Superdead SkateboardsTavern - created the primary focus during the day.

    The marriage began at 12pm on Saturday, with every single obstacle being skated so as by 40 inside the finest skateboarders in Europe, all competing for that EUR50,000 prize. By 2pm everything was proven up, obtaining a massive screen relaying all of the action for your crowds.

    Branding was stored inside the existing theme in the marketplace, letting the Victorian architecture stand out. A Van Doren Pizza Parlour by Fire & Stone saw slices offered up by Steve Van Doren, Vans member of the family and vice-president of occasions and promotions, while skateboarding retailers for example Slam City Skates setup their unique market stalls.

    The winners within the contest were announced inside the awards ceremony at 6pm, obtaining a Monster Energy after-party held at Village Undercover in Shoreditch.

    - The component which was good? The additional brand touches, different inside the Van Doren Pizza Parlour for your Daily Waffle, a paper produced by Cure Studios that visited 25,000 Londoners within the run-for that event. The component which was bad? Rain threatened have some fun playing the mid-day, using the most effective outdoors skateboarding obstacles wouldn't have seen the chance to operate when the weather elevated not to become wet. Fortunately it brightened up, allowing something to maneuver forward with no hitches.

    - How what's concerning the event?

    A marketer online described with regards to this on Facebook.

    - The component which was good?

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    - The component which was bad?

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    - The component which was the most effective challenge?

    The most effective challenge with regards to this project was most definitely the closure of Brushfield Street, since it is a principal access route to Petticoat Lane for that busy Friday market. We launched within the extended consultation with Transport for London, Tower Hamlets along with glasgow- London to get this done. For individuals like a brand, this mixture of indoor and from doorways really was vital that you 'make the event' for that spectators and competitors, therefore the closure constantly was certainly our primary challenge.

    - Whatrrrs your opinion you'd do differently the next time?

    The marriage surpassed our expectations on every volume of production, so within the brand perspective there is no stand-out things we'd have altered. Within the run-for that event there's slight concerns that people will not have plenty of time to de-rig within the time required and restore industry to being fully operational for Sunday, but Innovision, IOU Ramps and our staff labored hard and then we delivered before deadline with no issues.

    - What did the marriage achieve?

    For individuals the important thing achievement making use of this event was that people showcased skateboarding within the truly authentic, downtown London location. We could show Old Spitalfields Market in another light, what size skateboard and London located the very best and a lot of credible skateboarding event in Europe this year. Hopefully this may open the doorway for that Vans brand to produce more thrilling encounters across core sports and music within the capital.
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  2. krasnoslobodtsev_si

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    Russian Federation
    So what is your problem ?
    Provide here your script
    Code (Text):

      i  INTEGER;
        1 INTO i
      FROM dual WHERE (2*2) = &2x2;
    EXCEPTION WHEN no_data_found THEN dbms_output.put_line('Oh...no!This fatal error!');  
  3. zargon

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    Aurora, CO
    No. you simply let it finish successfully and make the last line of output your success statement. The ONLY time the exception block is run is when there is an exception thrown.