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What is service availability in oracle service contract module

Discussion in 'Oracle CRM' started by waleed_Taha, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. waleed_Taha

    waleed_Taha Active Member

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    Could you please provide more details about service availability function in service contract module
  2. chandan0301

    chandan0301 Active Member

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    When the user authors a service contract the access to certain service items can be restricted to
    certain customer and/or products. Or the service item can have general availability beside certain
    customers and/or products. In Simple words, with Service Availability You can restrict or allow a service item for a list of party or product.

    (N) Setup > Contract > Service Availability
    Service availability is used to define the available services for service programs, warranties, and
    extended warranties. For party and for product, it lists exclusions. When the Generally Available
    check box is selected (within the Party and Product tabbed pages), this indicates the service is
    available to everyone, except for the listed party exceptions. When the Generally Available
    check box is not selected, this indicates the service is available only to the listed party
    exceptions. When a contract is authored with either a party or a covered product, the system will
    either not present the exclusions in the LOV or will prevent the contract from being saved.