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What is OPN Certification? Value & Benefit?

Discussion in 'Training and Certification' started by vins1432000, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. vins1432000

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    Pune, Maharashta, India
    I want to know about What is OPN & OPN Certification and its benefits?
  2. Ramji

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    If your employer is part of the Oracle Partner Network then you get the benefit of submitting their OPN Number which inturn will confer the same cert as a OPN Cert once you have completed the requirements of Certification.

    But strictly speaking in ERP hands on experience counts as much if not more than the value of certifications . OPN or ordinary have strictly limited purpose .

    When compared to say Networking or Microsoft product based certifications, Oracle Certification should be taken into context....

    ERP is much more than just a product and works over different layers of the business than say a Microsoft Server or Cisco Router where knowledge of the product is enough to achieve the tasks required.

    Knowledge of the Business, the environment and various other factors come into play in ERP where you liaise with the Business and act as a Bridge for IT.

    Hope this helps.
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