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what is difference b/w vendor and supplier and customer and party ?

Discussion in 'Oracle Apps Technical' started by ramprasad.cgs, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. ramprasad.cgs

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    hi folks,

    what is difference b/w vendor and supplier and customer and party ?
  2. Raviprakash

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    Supplier -> Can provide the material as per indent.
    Vendor -> Can produce & supply the material to the customer.

    difference between Customerr and party:

    a) A Customer which is used both in CRM as well as in OM,Financials or any other module.Example (A Sales Order in OM or Invoice in Receivables cannot be created without creating a Customer record for the Party).
    b) A Business Transaction like a Sales Order, Invoice,Debit Memo,Credit Memo,Receipt can be created.
    c) A Customer will have account and as well as Sites.
    d) A Party record is must to create a Customer Record linked through party_id.


    a) Prospective Customer and more relevant for CRM Purposes
    b) No Business Transactions involved (Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Debit Memo, Credit Memo, Receipt etc.,)
    c) A Party does not have account but have Sites
    d) A Party can exist without Customer Record