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Web Developer - Oracle Application Express

Discussion in 'Jobs Board' started by aimstar, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. aimstar

    aimstar Guest

    Web Developer - Oracle Application Express
    Suitland, MD

    U.S. Census Bureau - Suitland, MD

    We are looking for an experienced Web developer with Oracle Application Express(APEX) experience. The developer must be capable of developing easy to use and intuitive data driven web applications. The developer will participate in all phases of the development lifecycle including requirements gathering, specifications development, design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance. Experience in web technology including JavaScript, jQuery JavaScript Library, and Java is required. In addition to web technology, Application Express (APEX), SQL, and PL/SQL is required.
    The candidate must have a minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience in the following:

    Physical and logical design of relational databases
    Oracle 10g and/or 11g development (coding/debugging of complex SQL, PL/SQL packages, functions, procedures, jobs, triggers, etc.)
    Oracle Application Express design and development
    jQuery JavaScript Library

    Apply to jobs@aimstar.com

    A Bachelors degree in Computer Science or related field.

    The candidate shall work with the current development team on the following activities:

    System Requirements

    The desired outcome of requirements gathering is a clear set of requirements which can be prioritized and organized into upcoming sprints. This process will involve gathering requirements from provided documents, XML schemas, and customer feedback.

    System Specifications

    The desired outcome of this phase is a set of clear specifications which will allow team members to understand each sprint task and any complications. The specifications should allow the team to move forward to system design. The candidate should suggest the best formats and methods for a good set of specifications.

    System Design

    Prior to implementation the candidate should put together design documentation for review by team members. Design documents along with specifications should allow the team to move forward and begin development. The candidate should suggest the best formats and methods for a good set of design documents.

    System Development

    The desired outcome of the development stage is a system which meets all document requirements and customer requirements. The system should also:

    Be reliable with minimal bugs and down time
    Be efficient and scalable for a to-be-determined number of users.
    Meet Census Bureau security requirements as documented by the Office of Information Security (OIS).
    Be maintainable and follow industry and Census Bureau coding standards
    Be well documented according to industry standards
    Major tools and technologies used during the development phase will include:
    Oracle 10g/11g database
    SQL Developer
    Application Express
    jQuery JavaScript library
    Cascading Style Sheets
    Java utilizing the JAXB API

    System Testing and Implementation

    The desired outcome of system testing is a production version of the application which meets all software quality standards and requirements listed in the system development section of this document.

    System Maintenance

    In addition to the development of new application versions, the contractor should be involved in maintenance of the current production version. The desired outcome of system maintenance is making sure customers are satisfied with the current system version and that critical bugs are logged and fixed in a timely manner.

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