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Waiting for offer letter for bdc any helps???

Discussion in 'Interview Discussions' started by moh, May 24, 2016.

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    can anyone helps me to know,i already finished all the interviews in oracle for bdc position and after 10 days the recruiter called me and asked me about my cuurent salary and expected salary and she told me that you are selected and the hiring managers interesting in you,and after two days called me again and told me to edit something i made it wrong in my online application on taleo and asked her again and told me that they interesting in you and selected and they collect now your information and waitin for approval thats in 9 may 2016 but till mow i called her alot she told me that your information with the hiring managers and tha job status is inactive and job submission is under review so i am already accepted and shall wait tell the offer or they can reject me in anytime ?? please advice