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View/Edit employee records BG2 by staying in BG1

Discussion in 'Oracle HRMS & Payroll' started by mohammedamajid@gmail.com, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. mohammedamajid@gmail.com

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    I created a global security profile (function is available in HRMS responsibility)

    for a responsibility who is need to view employees record present in another BG.

    Because the company doesn't have proper organization hierarchy therefore i created custom security profile in Global security profile option

    HR:Cross Business Group profile option is already Yes at site level as well as i did at responsibility level too.

    Below i mention field name and values i provided for global custom profile.

    Name: Test_profile
    View Employees: All (before if put it restricted but still didn't work)
    View Contingent workers: All (well this value not required as no contingent worker is defined)
    View Applicant: Same as above

    View All Records (Check Box): Checked

    Custom Security TAB

    LOV: Restrict the people visible to this profile (Selected)

    SQL: Assignment.location_id in (select loc.location_id from hr_locations_all loc) (Verified)

    Save the record

    Assigned this profile to responsibility who is suppose to view/edit all employees records of other BG.

    Ran the Request/Job name "Security list Maintenance" successfully

    Opened enter and maintain form and query but not found desired result.

    I hope i mentioned every thing.

    Can any one help