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User Interaction and Content Management with Oracle Collaboration Suite

Discussion in 'Oracle Development General' started by Anne, Sep 19, 2008.

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    User Interaction and Content Management of Oracle Collaboration Suite

    Oracle Collaboration Suite is from the Oracle Fusion Middleware product family. This suite functions to consolidate information and simplify business communication. It results in less usage of administration, software and hardware resources. Organizations can happily increase service levels, user productivity with less resource utilization and expenditure by making use of collaboration applications and enterprise-class messaging.

    Oracle Collaboration Suite uses integrated product components, namely, calendar, email, ultra search, voicemail, wireless and voicemail, web conferencing and files.


    Users interact with Oracle Collaboration Suite to use integrated software, which would assist them in communicating at work to enhance the capabilities of wireless clients and desktop in an organization.

    Usages of Oracle Collaboration Suite

    It is possible to perform variety of tasks with the help of Oracle Collaboration Suite. You can access your voice mail or email and check calendar for details whenever and wherever you want. It is also possible to conduct online meetings in the flexible environment of Oracle Collaboration Suite easily. You can search, share, collaborate and store your files securely. What is more? You do not need to maintain or manage multiple copies of a document. Oracle Collaboration Suite helps to cut costs you incur on data center by consolidating your servers, which reduces backup time and even recovery time in case of data lost. Use of communication tools of Oracle Collaboration Suite that can be modified to suit your individual business requirements are an excellent way to save money you would have wasted due to less employee productivity.

    Files in Collaboration Suite

    Files are an important product component of Oracle Collaboration Suite. It helps to provide a secure, scalable and reliable place where you can store all your file servers at a common repository. You can gain access to this repository from anywhere in the world by use of FTP, SMB, NFS, WebDAV and the popular HTTP. You can easily access shared and personal workspace allocated to your user id and password. It is the user’s choice to choose from the level of security he or she wants for a particular workspaces. They may or may not share all instances of the workshop. Users can interact with the Oracle Collaboration Suite to manage files lifecycle and set category, version or lock the files. This helps in content management of Oracle Collaboration Suite as users can manage the access and level of security for files.

    It is also possible to manage the content of Oracle Collaboration Suite by use of workspace, private files, public files, categories, searching mechanism, versioning, trashing, archive feature, file locking, and file synchronization.

    Content Management

    Content management is easy in Oracle Collaboration Suite with the help of features such as oracle ultra search, which uses the crawler for information fetching and modification.

    Your personal database contains only the crawler and the documents are stored in a single repository. Oracle Collaboration Suite also provides web conferencing, which saves a lot of time wasted on traveling for meetings. It can also be used for presentation to clients or assist your distant located customers online. All your emails, fax and voice mail are stored in the database of Oracle Collaboration Suite, which helps to manage enterprise content.