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URGENT - "Aging -7 bucket consolidated report ( AR module )"

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by narrasai27, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. narrasai27

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    Hi All,

    There is a report in AR module "Aging -7 bucket consolidated report ( AR module )" which whn runned displays the output like the sample output that i have attached now the requirement is that they also need the "on account " field to be included for each bucket .you can understand the requirement in the excel sheet attached below which is in red colour.
    so how could i make it possible to include this in the report pls anyone suggest me the procedure how to do it.

    Thanks and Regards
    (Sai kishore)

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  2. a_kamalraj

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    Hi Hero,

    The standard output is of 1st 30 days has been divided into 2 sections
    a) 1-15 days as one section
    b) 16-30 days as 2nd section

    Please check the standard report hw they are calculating for 30days you can use the same logic for for 15days ...