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Urdu language in oracle database

Discussion in 'General' started by Muhammad Uzair, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Muhammad Uzair

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    1. Hi to all respected Experts and Members of this group.

    I am an Oracle Programmer (Forms6i and APEX).

    I want to develop an application using Form6i , but in "URDU Language".

    Can anyone guide me how to do that? I have searched on Google but no authentic information found so far.

    Let me share you what I have already done

    1. Installed Windows 7-32 Bit on a Core-2-duo system having 4 GB of RAM.
    2. Installed Oracle Database 11G XE-R2
    3. Installed Oracle Forms 10g
    4. Installed Phonetic Keyboard 1.0 (For Urdu Support)
    5. Changed System Locale from "English" to "Urdu".
    I have also attached NLS_LANG Parameters of my database while I have also changed NLS_LANG for Oracle Forms using "regedit".

    Please help.

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