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UOA - Universal Archive Online and EAS - Email Archiving Services

Discussion in 'Oracle Webcenter Suite (formerly Oracle ECM)' started by guptaashu81, Feb 18, 2011.

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    What is the signficance of UOA and why to go for it when we are using Oracle UCM10gr3
    The installation of the same is on Linux86, this means another OS which means more maintenance cost.
    Moreover the same is not there in ECM11g Suite. Any particular reason for that.
    It means if cleint is going for ECM11g , wants UOA functionality then the same is to purchased separately.
    Still not able to understand the significance of UAO and there is no integration of UCM10gr3 and UOA.
    Email Archiving Service - there is no information for the same n now third party is handling the same. Can I have any documentation on the same.
    -------- From Oracle documentation..
    Oracle Universal Online Archive (Oracle UOA) is a scalable, manageable, and hot-pluggable online archiving solution. With this solution, an organization can archive its complete range of content. Oracle UOA uses the Oracle Database to provide a combination of data accessibility and security with data deduplication, compression, and storage management. It can be deployed on a wide range of operating systems and hardware platforms using a centralized or distributed architecture, allowing any organization to deploy and manage a comprehensive archiving system.
    Oracle UOA can use its High Volume Importer and the Oracle Email Archive Service (Oracle EAS) to provide high performance, single instance archiving of Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and SMTP email servers. Oracle UOA and Oracle EAS help enterprises decrease storage and IT operation costs, improve email performance and security, and reduce the cost and risk associated with e-discovery and litigation preparation.