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Universal Content Management

Discussion in 'Oracle Webcenter Suite (formerly Oracle ECM)' started by zabidin2, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. zabidin2

    zabidin2 Active Member

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    My UCM install in linux environment. Most all documentation that i found is in windows environment. So hard to solve my problem. My problem is how to open in window batch categorizer? In windows server, it simple. But in linux, how to?

    Thank you.
  2. Sadik

    Sadik Community Moderator Forum Guru

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    Hi Zabidin, yes it's quite true that most UCM documentation is concentrated around Windows environment. Actually we don't recommend our clients to run UCM on a UNIX like server because it just creates too many headaches. However that doesn't mean UCM doesn't work on unix like systems.

    The installation guide for unix like systems is located here:


    To use the graphical utilities like component wizard, Batch loader etc you would need X Windows running on your server. Like if you have an X windows interface like GNOME etc running you can use the Graphical interfaces on UCM. The file to run would be located in your <UCM>/bin folder and they would be binaries that you an directly run.

    Hope this helps