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UCM problems

Discussion in 'Oracle Webcenter Suite (formerly Oracle ECM)' started by lct3, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. lct3

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    Two days ago I was informed that I will be the person in responsible to manage our website using site studio. I need to quicky start practicing at home. Based on what I read, I need to intall the UCM and site studio. I was able to install the site studio After that I figured that the only thing left to install was the Oracle Conten Server 10gR3.
    Hoewever when I copied the zipped forlder and try to look for a setup file there is none
    Instead there are a whole lot of folders and files but none install the content sever. I did
    Not find any documentation either.

    The one I copied was:
    for Microsoft Windows 32-bit (Version: | Date: 20080807 | Size: 347,401,403 bytes)

    Am I correct in assuming that these are the two things I need to install in my
    Win xp Pc, in order to star practicing at home creating and modifiying web pages?
    If not, What do I need and exactly were do I get it? .

    If it is, What is the actual file that will allowme to successfully intall the content server

    I truly appreciate any help anyone can provide

  2. dcell59

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    I don't know what file you got, but I'm pretty sure that the installer should have a setup.exe in it somewhere. Can you send a link to what you downloaded?

    BTW, you will also need a database. I believe you can use the express (free) version of Oracle DB, but you may need to use some special parameters.