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UCM content server: restrict native file download?

Discussion in 'General' started by PanamaRed, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. PanamaRed

    PanamaRed Guest

    I've created a Java web application for UCM and have packaged it up as a WAR file.
    It works fine, however, I would like to restrict the ability of UCM content server users to download the WAR file. In a nutshell: I don't want any native file downloads of this WAR file.

    In Bex's book, on page 83, he states that it is possible to configure the content server to restrict native file downloads to only those who have write access to that security group.

    This sounds fine with me. The question that I have is how do you do it?

    I had thought that restricting native file access would be relatively easy. However, not so much.

    There is an option on the admin server: Allow get copy for user with read privilege. However, unchecking this option and restarting the server doesn't seem to do anything meaningful.

    Your help is most appreciated.