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This database could not be transported because DBMS_TDB.CHECK_DB returned FALSE

Discussion in 'General' started by jesthr@gmail.com, Oct 24, 2014.

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    I have Oracle on HP_UNIX system and I would like to migrate to Oracle databse Linux system

    I would like to use procedure "Migrate to Different Endian Platform Using Transportable Tablespaces With RMAN '

    I check if the database is currenctly and the correct state for transport and the target platform.
    . . .
    x: = dbms_tdb.check_db ("Linux x86 64-bit", 0);
    . . .
    The Specified target platform name "Linux x86 64-bit 'is invalid or the target platform is not transportable.

    The select * from V$transportable_platform; gives that HP UX which i assume is your os is big endian while linux x86-64 bit is little endian.
    . . . SYS.DBMS_TDB.CHECK_DB( 'Linux x86 64-bit', SYS.DBMS_TDB.SKIP_NONE);
    This database could not be transported because DBMS_TDB.CHECK_DB returned FALSE

    Is there a possibility to Oracle database migration from HP-UNIX system to Linix x86 64-bit system?

    The current system:

    CPU info:
    2 Intel(R) Itanium 2 9100 series processors (1.67 GHz, 18 MB)
    666 MT/s bus, CPU version A1
    4 logical processors (2 per socket)

    Firmware info:
    Firmware revision: 04.11
    FP SWA driver revision: 1.18
    IPMI is supported on this system.
    BMC firmware revision: 5.35

    Platform info:
    Model: "ia64 hp server BL860c"
    OS info:
    Release: HP-UX B.11.31
    Version: U (unlimited-user license)
    Machine: ia64
    ID Number: 1658310005
    vmunix _release_version:
    @(#) $Revision: vmunix: B.11.31_LR FLAVOR=perf


    Hine Rosulnik