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TDS on Service Tax (India Localisation)

Discussion in 'General' started by bk_mathew, Mar 30, 2011.

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    Dear Gurus,

    I have an issue with respect to TDS on Service Tax (India Localization), wherein in AP while booking an Invoice we need to deduct TDS on the entire bill. For example, from Supplier A we receive an Invoice with base amount Rs.100 and Service Tax (@ 10.3%) Rs.10.30 and the Total Invoice value Rs.110.30. In this case we need to deduct TDS @ 10% on the total Invoice value. We are in the process of changing the setup at ‘Additional Information’ India localization for TDS defaulting from supplier site. In this default TDS scenario, system is deducting TDS on base amount ie Rs.100 only as the balance part is tax.
    Can anybody help me to have a workaround for deducting TDS on the entire bill amount ie Rs.110.30

    Thanks in anticipation,