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Table Access Issue with-in named PL/SQL Block

Discussion in 'SQL PL/SQL' started by somitesh, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. somitesh

    somitesh Guest


    In my project I have been given a schema with my name [let's say it is "somitesh"].
    I've "create Procedure" privilege, too.

    Now from a different schema [let's say: "rmt_schma"] on the same database,
    I have been given select access to certain tables[ Let's say : table_Order ].
    I can fetch data from rmt_schma.table_Order table.
    When I use anonymous PLSQL block to fetch data from rmt_schma.table_Order & work with it - it works fine.
    I have created a synonym for this mentioned table.

    But when ever I'm going to create or replace a procedure with the same anonymous PLSQL - I'm getting error: Table or view does not exist. [I have tried with schema_name dot (.) table_name / used synonym]

    I do not know why is this happening & how to overcome this issue.

    Thanks in advance.