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Steps to clone Oracle Applications database from PROD to TEST

Discussion in 'System Administration & Application DBA' started by Julian, Aug 12, 2008.

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    Steps to clone a database from PROD to TEST

    The following is a brief Guideline on steps to follow to clone you Oracle Applications from PROD to TEST

    • log In to PROD Server as applprod user
    • go to /applprod/prodappl
    • run APPSORA.env
    • sqlplus system/manager
    • SQL> alter database backup controlfile to trace;
    • This will generate a trace file in $ORACLE_HOME//admin/<sid>_<hostname>/udump/*.trc
    • Go to above directory
    • Run ls - alt
    • Find out latest trace file and edit the trace file
      • SID to desired SID (PROD to TEST)
      • Change dbf path accordingly.
    • Shutdown database (Shutdown normal both production & test server by using prod_stop.sh , your PROD stop script, and test_stop.sh your TEST stop script, respectively )
    • Now ftp to your server as applprod user and download the file from PROD server to Test server in /appltest directory .
    • Rename /appltest/testdata directory to /appltest/testdatabk
    • Create a new testdata directory in /appltest
    • Copy all datafiles, control file etc.of to new /appltest/testdata from PROD
      • (E.g rcp applprod @ ebsnode2:/applprod/proddata/*.dbf) and rename cntrl*.dbf to cntrl*.bak on test server
    • Run TEST instance .env file from /appltest/testdb/9.2.0 .
    • Now run the edited trace file (this will recreate the TEST database with PROD configuration) (sqlplus /nolog @edited script.sql)
    • This will start up TEST oracle database
    • Change profile_option_values from FND_profile_option_values table
    • Clear concurrent Manager table from toad by using the following commands:
    • Copy the Server_ID from $FND_TOP/secure/ebsnode1_test.dbc and update the server_id column of FND_NODES table with that. Also change the NODE_NAME = EBSNODE1
    • Run the . APPSORA.env from /appltest/testappl directory
    • Now run following Java commands from command prompt:
    • Shutdown the Oracle database.
    • Start application by using test_start.sh from /appltest dir
    • If anything goes wrong check at http://<domain>:8000/OA_HTML/jsp/fnd/aoljtest.jsp
    • Login to Oracle Applications
    • Change Profile options from Application –
    • System Administrator(Responsibility) Profile-> System-> concurrent: GSM enabled = ‘N’
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    Nice document if you have steps to refresh apps dev env with prod env files can you share to syedafzalbaba@yahoo.com