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start using 'supervisor' in exisiting eBS, what issues to expect?

Discussion in 'Oracle HRMS & Payroll' started by emok, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. emok

    emok Guest

    My organization is thinking about implementing SSHR. But I stumbled upon a few issues in R12 HRMS:

    Currently in HRMS (12.1.3) the field ‘Supervisor’ is not used and no managers are assigned to HR organizations. I know this is standard Oracle functionality and I want to advise my organization to start using this fields. But I’m not sure what issues might occur. If we start using the supervisor field (without further adjustments in Oracle), are there any consequences for example in purchasing or financial processes?
  2. Bharat

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    Effects under Purchasing will takes place when we use employee hierarchy. Firstly Confirm which hierarchy you are following?