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Site Studio General Questions

Discussion in 'Oracle Webcenter Suite (formerly Oracle ECM)' started by sadhikari090, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. sadhikari090

    sadhikari090 Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    Can anyone please help me on the following topics:

    How to insert or change template from Site-studio?

    How to make expandable links in left navigation?

    How to assign existing banner to a different page (target) and then perform the changes in .xml file so that changes will reflect only on the target page?

    How to create pop up link for 'leaving this website'? If

    How to add media flash object on pages and ensure that various XML files are properly located?

    How to search for Digital assets in the CMS

    While viewing code in source view how to detect what fragments of which category (e.g. dynamic fragment, other fragment etc) is related too.

    How to insert image via site studio or site manager

    Whats the global location of newly check-in items, So in case if we want to revert it back then we can do with from there.