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Service contracts line api creates entry but not able to view in front end

Discussion in 'Oracle CRM' started by Surya Indaram, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Hi Greetings to community !

    I have been using couple of API's like (OKS_CONTRACTS_PUB / okc_contract_pub.create_contract_line ) to create a Service Line of type Warranty and then Attach or associate a Install base product Instance as a Subline or coverage item. For some reason am not able to see the Service Line got created though in OKC_K_Lines_b table from front ened.
    I am able to create lines / subline , gave product instance id,start dat end date in cases same , and used same operating unit ,organization same .

    The API's as I said running Success , creating Headers / Lines in tables (OKC_K_Headers_b /Lines_b ) but I am not able to see from front end.
    I am little frustrated about what I missed ,and requesting community to kindly help me in resolving the issue.Did I somehwre missing link , I am passing all chr_id, Line Id's to Api's in process correctly.

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    Hi Surya,

    Is the line created at backend tables ? What all got created, like header, service line and coverage item line? On which one you got stuck ? and let us share the code at which part you stuck. By that we can debug it.

    Note: Surya, One post is enough for an issue for tracking. I have gone through the duplicate post which is specified as below title you posted. Kindly avoid such duplication's to get good results and also it won't confuse others to follow correct the results.

    OKC_CONTRACTS_PUB API For Service Line Creation ( Not able to see in Front end )

    We have deleted that duplicate thread. You can follow the issue in this thread.