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select into: syntax

Discussion in 'General' started by monkey, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. monkey

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    Please, I understood this syntax like:

    SELECT atribut1 INTO variable FROM tableA WHERE ID=:new.tableA_ID;

    atribut1 is name of the atribute from table tableA.
    variable is atribute in the aim table (where we want to put the values of atribuute1 to).

    tableA is table we take the data from.

    My question is:
    If like THAT, where do we precise the aim table (the name of the table we want to put the data to)?


    IF variable is a NAME OF THE AIM TABLE (as I found on the net)- where do I declare the name of the column I am putting data into in that table?

    Hope U understood what I had in mind.

    Seeems n example we do that after into is NOT commint the name of the table (as on net!) BUT name of the column, what I find confusing!!!

    Please, if somone can help!