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security rules

Discussion in 'General' started by mohan guruji, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. mohan guruji

    mohan guruji Active Member

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    hi everyone

    What difference does it make in applying security rules to Value sets & KFF SEGMENTS?

    can anybody explain me with an example.


    with best regards

    Mohan guruji
  2. V Paartha

    V Paartha Guest


    When you create a security rule, you need to assign them to a responsibility to restrict the value to a particular responsibility.

    For example, If you have 3 values for a company segment say 001,002. and 003 and created a value set A.

    You can use the same value set A while defining the Accounting Flexfield for the company segment for all the company. Latter on to restrict the value for each company you can create a security rule and assign to the responsibilities.

    Or you can create three different value set say B containing the value 001, C containing the value 002 and D containing the value 003 and while creating the Accounting Flexfield choose the respective value set for the company segment.

    V Paartha