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Secure web service invocation in oracle soa

Discussion in 'JAVA, SOA and Application Development' started by sandeep.pachauri, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Hi,
    I am facing one problem at the time of calling a web service,

    Suppose my web service is running over a cluster port & IP x.x.x.x:8888/XYZ/abx?wsdl

    If i am using this web service in oracle soa with that IP & port i am able to got response from web service, Same service is exposed over a domain name like abc.com which is SSL based so with that domain name my web service URL is something like.
    https: //abc.com/XYZ/abx?wsdl
    When i am trying to calling this web service i am not able to got any response from web service.

    I already imported the certificate in the trust store and had been cross verified that certificate is exist in the trust store.

    I am stuck in my development please help me.