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Searches in Stellant

Discussion in 'Oracle Webcenter Suite (formerly Oracle ECM)' started by iNeeraj, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. iNeeraj

    iNeeraj Active Member

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    I have a requirement wherein I need to migrate data from Documentum to Oracle UCM.

    Well, this is a very initial stage of requirement and I need to furnish details regarding what all can be achieved in Stellant and how.

    My question is where a search is stored in Stellant? Is there a way in which I can save a search in some form so it can be used the same way searches are created, stored and accessed in Stellant.
  2. ericb

    ericb Active Member

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    Venlo, The Netherlands
    Like all things of UCM, searches will be "saved" in the database. This means for a user that he can set up a search and save it in the UCM UI. So the next time he wants to execute the same search, he selects the search and executes it.

    You can also build your own UCM custom components; these components should than be created with a service and queries. The queries are your saved searches. So when you execute the service, you will be executing the search.

    Then you build a link which executes the service and the result is a html page with the search results for your custom component.

    For example: you want users to see all the documents which have been created, but have not yet been accepted bij the user. You first make a custom component, called saved_search_service. The component contains (among other things) a query which selects all documents where state is "not accepted" and user = logged on user..

    Finally you create a link on the homepage called something like "not accepted documents". Clicking this link will execute the service saved_search_service and will show you the results of the search on a new page.

    So it's possible to save searches in Stellent (UCM).

    Does this answer (a part of) your question?

    Kind regards,