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Revenue Recognition in Oracle Apps

Discussion in 'General' started by rajeshkannaa, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. rajeshkannaa

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    Revenue Recognition in Oracle Apps

    Run the Revenue Recognition program to generate the revenue distribution records for your invoices and credit memos that use Invoicing and Accounting Rules. You assign accounting rules to recognize revenue over several accounting periods. The Revenue Recognition program will create distribution records for the invoices and credit memos that you create in Receivables and import using AutoInvoice.

    The Revenue Recognition program uses the accounting distribution sets that you specify in the Transactions window or import into Receivables using AutoInvoice to determine the accounts of your newly created revenue distribution records.

    There are two Revenue Recognition programs:
    • Revenue Recognition and
    • Revenue Recognition Master.

    1. The Revenue Recognition Master program is for parallel processing only and takes advantage of the Oracle scalability feature to reduce processing time by running on multiple processors, or workers.
    2. The Revenue Recognition Master program determines the maximum number of parallel processors needed for your transaction volume and uniformly distributes the processing over these workers.
    3. You can set a maximum number of processors for the Revenue Recognition Master program to use at runtime. This scheduling capability allows you to take advantage of off–peak processing time.
    4. You choose the Revenue Recognition program that you want to use at runtime.