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Discussion in 'Oracle Forms and Reports' started by kdeepa, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. kdeepa

    kdeepa Guest

    I want to know how this can be done in oracle forms

    client Requirement : There are 3 Manufacturing units (ex :a , b, c) and 3units members are using GRN(Goods Reciept Note) to enter all the details like ED(Exices Duty), ED_CESS etc.
    But In 'A' Manufacturing Unit they want to add ED to ED_CESS
    where in 'B' Manufacturing Unit, they want to substract ED_cess from ED.
    But when we upload one exe file into apps server, it will be same file for all units (A, B,C)
    Now how it can be done??
  2. RG Hegde

    RG Hegde Forum Advisor

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    Hello kdeepa,
    As per my understanding a,b,c are 3 organization in org_organization_definitions.

    May I know what will be the result for add/substract of ED and ED_CESS. is that just the display field in the form or is the database field.