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Requirement for Oracle Database Developer, Andover, Massachusetts, USA

Discussion in 'Jobs Board' started by Vijay s, May 11, 2011.

  1. Vijay s

    Vijay s Active Member

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    Irving, TX
    Title: Oracle Database Developer
    Duration: 6 month
    Location: Andover, MA

    Someone who is heavy on the database side, experience with backend development,
    PL/SQL, and Perl scripting experience is a highly desired,with heavy focus on Oracle databases.
    Especially in the area of design and implementation.
    This person would need to determine how and if we need to make changes to the current database structure to accommodate the customers’ various requests.
    They need to be someone we can lean on to help do the impact analysis of the changes on the current database structure as well as the ability to implement the changes.
    They need to be a great communicator since they will work closely with the other person as well as existing employees.

    please send your profile to rawm143@gmail.com Before 13th MAY 2011 :):)