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Ref cursor to collection

Discussion in 'SQL PL/SQL' started by Hellen Avila, Jun 11, 2019 at 8:15 PM.

  1. Hellen Avila

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    Hi everybody.

    I have this problem, I hope someone can help me.

    create or replace type ObjDatosCatalogo as object
    ( Column1 NUMBER(5),
    Column2 VARCHAR2(30))


    CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE TblDatosCatalogo IS Table Of ObjDatosCatalogo


    I have a Function, X, this X function calls a procedure Y and this Y procedure retorn a cursor (REF CURSOR), it could be CurInfo. This cursor retorns two columns (column1, colum2) and several records.

    The Function X return TblDatosCatalogo .

    I need to pass the information in CurInfo to TblDatosCatalogo and I need to use Bulk Collection in order to make it faster.

    First, the bulk collection does not understand CurInfo, I supose because this is from another source, CurInfo is not declared in the Function, in my test, when I have the cursor in the Function, Bulk Collect works fine, but, it is real life and I can't have the cursor declared in the Function, I need to search the information in the Y procedure.

    Second, when I do the Fetch, I get the error ORA-06504, but it compiles fine, so, what I 'm doing wrong. Example:

    create or replace function X (Parametro1 IN VARCHAR2)

    vCatalogo tbldatoscatalogo;
    vCurInfoCatalogo package1.tcursorgenerico; (This object is in a package, and it's declaration is: TYPE tcursorgenerico IS REF CURSOR)


    vCatalogo := tblDatosCatalogo();

    --Calls the procedure
    Y(Parametro1, vCurInfoCatalogo );

    Fetch vCurInfoCatalogo BULK COLLECT
    INTO vCatalogo LIMIT 100;

    Return vCatalogo;

    When I tried to do the Test, I get the error ORA-06504 pl/sql return types of result set variables or query do not match

    Please, What I 'm doing wrong?

    I don't want to specify every column of the cursor, I'm using a simple example, but I have to process several Functions and Each one has cursors with 30 columns or more! it's crazy!

    Any help, thank you so much!
  2. zargon

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