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R12 Steps to Integrate Payroll and Cash management

Discussion in 'General' started by Ramji, Feb 1, 2012.

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    Steps to Integrate Payroll with Cash Management in R12


    New Payments Module for Funds Capture and Disbursement needs to be integrated to facilitate reconciliation of Transactions


    1. Define the Legal Entity using Legal Entity Manager under Financials.
    2. Attach this Legal Entity to the Primary Ledger.
    3. The Business Group should have additional classifications of HR Organization and Operating Unit.
    4. Attach the Primary Ledger to this Operating Unit (Others > Operating Unit Information).
    5. Set the 'HR:Business Group' and 'HR: Security Profile' profiles to the Payroll Responsibility for Standard Security.
    6. Set the 'MO:Operating Unit' (Business Group organization), 'GL:Ledger Name' (Primary Ledger) and 'CE: Bank Account Security Access' (Payroll) profiles to the Cash Management Responsibility.
    7. Define a Bank Account under Cash Management under the ownership of this Legal Entity.
    8. Create the Payment Method under Payroll with the same bank details and mapping to the Cash Management bank.
    9. Process a Payroll Payment using Cheque Writer or External/Manual Payment or EFT as applicable. Please note that EFT reconciliation is legislative specific and is released for different legislations from 12.1.2 onwards. This EFT reconciliation enhancement cannot be backported to lower versions.
    10. Navigate to Cash Management Responsibility > View : Available Transactions and find the Payroll transaction there to confirm that the Payroll - Cash Management Integration is working fine.
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    Thankyou very much
  3. Hi

    how to write fstformula for HRA for different locations

    cinsidering metro ,nonmetro cites