R12 Oracle Payables - Creation of Multiple Payments

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    Dear Friendz,
    We have a requirement in R12 Payables, where we need to automate the payment batches in R12.
    Requirement is to automate the selection of invoices, building, formatting and confirming the payments for printing. I have tried testing but am unable to see any option which will work on the above process.

    Please help in this regard as this is urgent. As am into upgradation of Financials from 11.5.9 to 12.1.3

    Vkl moorthy
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    Could you be more specific on the requirement please. Functionally you should not automate the process. Checks and balances at each stage preferred.
    In the real world Manual Intervention becomes necessary at different stages or the risk of sending a wrong payment instruction to the bank is real.
    Scenario one.

    Even though a Payment is selected as part of the batch there can arise situations where you will have to exclude it .
    Similarly you might have to add a payment not selected into the batch

    Scenario Two.

    There have been cases where due to technical failure a batch is confirmed but the file is not transmitted to the Bank, the payment having gone out from the bank and then manually these payments are reconciled.

    Once you build a batch users are trained to review the payments and print out preliminary Payment register and ensure everything is in order.

    NOTE: You cannot automate the complete process because if there is some error you will need to study the log and rectify before proceeding to the next stage of the process.

    I presume you are talking about just running one request to complete the whole process. It is not recommended but possible in R12.
    You can set the Payment Process Request (In the Automation tab) to Pause for you to review the selected payments. This is recommended.
    Note despite Automating the Process by Setting the Payment Instructions Program to start immediately, if issues are encountered the program will Pause.

    Just go to the automation tab and try out different options to get a better understanding. I will be posting later module wise.

    Hope this helps.