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R12 Financials Critical Patch Collections

Discussion in 'General' started by Julian, Oct 9, 2008.

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    The R12 Financials Critical Patch Collections (CPC) for the following products have been released:
    • Payables
    • Receivables
    • Payments
    • Subledger Accounting
    • Tax
    R12 Financials Critical Patch Collections are consolidated critical patches that all R12 Financials customers must apply to ensure proper operation of their systems. Advantages of applying CPCs over one-off fixes and RUPs are as follows:
    • CPCs are fully quality assured against current RUP levels. Individual one-off patches are not.
    • CPCs are consolidated and only contain critical patches that apply to broad customer usages. They are smaller in footprint and therefore much easier to apply and uptake than RUPs.
    • CPC Readmes have detailed business and functional information about the fixes included. Customers can leverage the Readmes to determine impact and testing required for specific process flows and software components involved.
    For the latest information on these CPCs and other product known issues please view the EBS: R12 Oracle Financials Critical Patches for September 2008 Metalink Note 557869.1