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R12-Ebusiness Suite System Administrator Essentials- Exam Prep - CSO10

Discussion in 'System Administration & Application DBA' started by Ramji, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Introduction to Oracle Applications Manager

    1. OAM allows System administrators to manage the E-business suite from a HTML Console.
    2. It is a console that helps you a)Monitor and control system components b)diagnose and resolve system issues c)manage system configuration and d)help system maintenance
    3. Advantages of OAM are a)Reduce downtime b)Reduce support costs c)streamline the use of available resources d)Reduce overall cost of ownership of the e-business suite e)Helps automate configuration tasks f)helps control and tighten system security g)helps keep the system up to date by identifying patches needed and their impact h)It integrates seamlessly with various oracle tools like Ad Admin, Metal ink, Workflow, SQL, auto patch and rapid clone and improves the ROI
    4. You can access OAM from the Sys admin Responsibility
    5. The OAM Dashboard consists of a) Applications Dashboard- providing quick access to all features b) Sitemap – links to all features and c) Global buttons for setting up, support cart ,home page and online help.
    6. Application Dash Board Provides a comprehensive summary of E-business suite components
    a)Configuration changes
    b)Potential security issues
    c)software updates
    d)Performance info
    e)forms sessions
    f) Database status
    7. Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite extends Enterprise Manager 10g Grid control to manage and monitor the e-business suite more effectively.
    8. The information on the OAM Dashboard is gathered using the Program OAM Applications Dashboard collections.
    9. Using the setup global link you can set up
    Metalink Credentials
    Business Flows
    Knowledge Base
    Concurrent requests
    Sign on Audit

    10. From the drop down menu you can access a)Application services b)Configuration overview c)Forms sessions d)Database Status e)Applied Patches f)Patch wizard and g)Workflow Manager.

    11. An alert should be manually moved from status of new to open.
    12. Each Web Component status is tested by testing the corresponding url determined by the user profile set.
    13. PL/SQL - APPS_WEB_AGENT – for Errors in the apache log
    Servlet agent – APPS_SERVLET_AGENT
    Personal Home Page – APPS_SERVLET _AGENT
    OAM Dashboard
    5 tabs OPCBSS (Overview,Performance,Critical Activities, Business Flows, Security, Software updates)
    OverView : Provides an Overview of the General system status.
    Application System Status: Hostname, Platform, Admin, Database, Concurrent Processing, Form and Wep
    Configuration Changes in Last 24 hrs (Patches applied, Site profiles, Application contexts edited)
    System Alerts: New , New Occurences, Open Alerts and Open Occurences
    User Alerts: New , New Occurences, Open Alerts and Open Occurences
    Web Component statuses (up , down, warning)

    Continued with Screen shots in appended doc

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