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R12-Ebusiness Suite System Administrator Essentials- Exam Prep - CSO 9

Discussion in 'System Administration & Application DBA' started by Ramji, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Incorporating Custom Help Files

    1. The Different Help Profiles are a) Applications Help Web agent b)Help Utility Upload Path c) Help Utility Download path d) Help System Root and e) Help Localization Code
    2. Oracle Help files are Formatted as HTML. You can add your own custom files.
    3. You can edit Oracle Applications Help files if you have Oracle Tutor Licensed.
    4. There are two utilities provided to customize help files a) Oracle Applications Help System Utility and b)Help Builder (System Administrator >Help Administration)
    5. Oracle Applications Help system utility is used to upload and download Oracle Help files. Before using the same you need to set the upload and download path profiles.
    6. Help system utility provides two reports to cross reference help targets and file names a) Help target to file name and b) File name to help target
    7. Oracle Inter media Text enables the search feature provided by Oracle Applications Help system.
    8. Run the Concurrent Program Rebuild Help Search index after uploading customized help files to rebuild the search index and ensures users can access the modified files.
    9. Help Builder consists of 3 panes a) To the left is displayed the currently selected tree b) To the right on top is the searches you made using find documents or find tree and c) To the right at the bottom is the properties pane (of the root node or document currently selected)
    10. Oracle Tutor is the documentation tool used to create and maintain end user documentation.
    11. Tutor helps in a) Distributing process documents to employees by job role b) Customizing online help c) Integrate process documentation with Oracle Courseware d) building customized training docs based on job title or top e) Auditing process docs to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.
    12. Tutor has 3 components a) Documentation Methodology b) Model documents and c)software
    13. Tutor tools to keep docs up-to-date and distributing them are a) Author- to help owners edit individual docs in Ms Word and b) Publisher – to build manuals by title, student and instructor guides by topic or job title and to generate cross reference reports to ensure integrity of docs.
    14. To identify the Help file use the View Source function of your browser to identify the file name by viewing the HTML source code.
    15. To identify the language and product of the help file, view the source document URL which contains the language, product name and anchor or target name.
    16. Oracle Application Help files use special syntax to create links within and across files and applications. Links point to an anchor name rather than the file name and dynamically resolves the anchor name to file link every time a link is encountered.
    17. Help Navigation tree consists of Root, Branches and Leaves. Root is the top-most level, followed by branches and leaf is the final level which expands no further and simply links to a document and terminates the hierarchy.