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R12-Ebusiness Suite System Administrator Essentials- Exam Prep - CSO 2

Discussion in 'System Administration & Application DBA' started by Ramji, Feb 11, 2012.

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    Managing Printers
    1. Oracle Offers two Printing Solutions a) Use Predefined Components – Pasta utility or b)Define your own
    2. Printer Type identifies Printer Model and Make and Manufacturer
    3. Printer Style tells the printer how the output should look.
    4. Printer driver sends the command to the printer to output in the requested style.
    5. Pasta is a Oracle Apps Utility that converts text report files to Post script and enables printing of custom post script reports from Oracle Apps.
    6. Pasta is required to Print using UTF 8. The executable is called FNDPSTAX
    7. There are 4 seeded Pasta Drivers a) Pasta_landscape b) Pasta_Landwide c)Pasta_Portrait and d)Pasta_Dynamic
    8. Pasta integrates with XML Publisher to convert PDF to PS /PCL(Printer Command Language)
    9. The Drivers used by Oracle Reports a) for Online enquiry- The SRW driver associated with Print styles is used b) for actual Printing – The SRW driver in the Printer Drivers Form is used. SRW (SQL Report Writer Driver).
    10. Printer Driver formats the destination Printer/SRW Driver formats the Oracle Report from Print style.
    11. Printer driver can be invoked in 3 ways a)Command – Operating system Command b)Program- A custom Print program and c)Subroutine- A predefined Oracle system sub routine.
    12. Multiple Printers can be registered as a same printer type.
    13. A Printer can support multiple Print styles.
    14. For each Print style a Print driver must be assigned
    15. Many Print drivers can support a Print style.
    16. Print style determines the number of rows and columns in the report and other dimensions of the Report.
    17. Printer Value Hierarchy: The Concurrent Manager reads the destination printer in the following order a) Concurrent Program Definition then b)Report set definition c) Printer Profile value and finally d) the value entered during report submission.
    18. Printer Style Hierarchy : a b and d above
    19. Print Form- A feature that allows you to create your own background templates for Oracle Reports e.g. company logo or your own invoice or billing format.
    a) User submits a Request
    b) Concurrent Manager Executes Request
    c) Oracle Reports runs the request and attaches the appropriate driver /Print style(see 7 above)
    d) Report is created using Oracle Reports
    e) Concurrent Manager issues Operating system Print command with details like destination printer, number of copies and the driver information.
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