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R 12- Creation of Bank Transfers in Cash Management

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by Ramji, Feb 1, 2012.

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    This is a new feature in R12 within Cash management Between any two internal Bank accounts
    The related cash flows are stored in Oracle Cash Management for reporting purposes and are reflected in positioning. Payment processing and accounting is managed using Oracle Payments and Oracle Subledger accounting.

    The system profile option "CE: Bank Account Transfers" defines where the cash transfers will be created as a result of the cash pool activity. If you choose Cash Management, then the cash transfers created by the cash leveling or ZBA sweep activity will be created in Cash Management using the Bank Account Transfer framework. If you choose Treasury, then these cash transfers will be created in Treasury using Inter-Account Transfers (if both bank accounts belong to the same legal entity) or Intercompany Funding transactions (if bank accounts belong to different legal entities).

    Steps to generate a bank account transfer and its accounting information.

    1. In System Administrator responsibility assign the CE: Bank Account Transfers system profile to your responsibility in Cash management. Path: Oracle Application Manager / Profile / System.
    2. In Cash Management responsibility create a Bank Account Transfer sub type, the sub type distinguish Bank Account Transfers and allows for grouping of Bank Account Transfers that share similarities. Path: Set up / Transaction subtype
    3. Create a payment template, it can be created to mirror the banks repetitive wire codes or use as templates for quickly entering transactions. Path: Set up / Payment Template
    4. Now in Cash Management Responsibility you need to enter a manual Bank Account Transfer path: Cash Management / Bank Account Transfer. If you are not able to find neither of source bank account and destination bank account then you must grant your responsibility to allows bank account transfer.
    5. Login as sysadmin and go to User Management responsibility and setup the UMX
    Security for Bank Account Transfer module for your specific Legal Entity, this can be
    Done using the UMX wizard for Cash Management, this wizard can be launched by
    querying the relevant responsibility you are using from Roles and Responsibilities
    module. Path: User Management / Roles & Role Inheritance.
    6. In the Search region enter the following information:
    · Type: Roles & Responsibilities
    · Category: Miscellaneous
    · Code: Enter the code assigned to the Cash Management responsibility (e.g. FND_RESP|CE|CASH_MANAGEMENT_OPERATIONS|STANDARD)
    · Application: Cash Management.
    7. Click in the Update icon, then you will see a new form called “Update Role” click in the
    security wizard button save and proceed.
    8. Run the CE UMX Security Wizard, then you will see a new form called “bank Account
    Security Management, enter the bank account grants for USE, MAINTENANCE and BANK ACCOUNT TRANSFER and clink in the APPLY button.
    9. Create a manual bank account transfer and validate it.
    10. Run the “Create Accounting” concurrent program and enter in the Process category parameter: Bank Account Transfer Cashflows” value. You can run this process in final or draft mode.

    NOTE: Clear the transactions first before processing
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