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Purchase Order Summary

Discussion in 'Oracle SCM & Manufacturing' started by mdmx54, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. mdmx54

    mdmx54 Guest

    I am trying to find the SOURCE of some displayed information found in purchase order summary. What i mean by source - is where does the data come.

    1. On tool bar there is an action FOLDER. And within folder there are many options for information about a purchase order that can be viewed. one of these is EFFECTIVE Date. I would like to know more about what this means and where it gets populated. I do not see anything at po entry level.

    2. In the index box at the bottom of the find purchase order screen there is a tab called DELIVER TO. What module or input OUR handles the information displayed. I am trying to find a description of the subinventory block and how it is supposed to be used.
  2. Sadik

    Sadik Community Moderator Forum Guru

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    1. the Effective date has no use in POs as far as I can tell. The Folder-->Show Field may show you a lot of extra fields which may not be used in the form. Secondly if you want to find the as to "how did the system find the data", you can always go to Help-->Diagnostics-->Examine-->Block = system-->last query and it will give you the last query the system performed to populate the data.

    2. The DELIVER TO shows you whether it's Expense, shop floor or stores, if i remember correctly. That data I think is from a system Purchasing lookup and you cannot modify those. You would know that basically is a qualification of the item being purchased. (like for example WIP resources would be delivered to shop floor etc)
  3. ranade.rushi

    ranade.rushi Active Member

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    In apps go to Help-Diagnostick->Examine

    u will get col_name and in about in toolbar u may get View name

    This may help U:confused:
  4. appsmylove

    appsmylove Active Member

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    regarding the 1st part of your query on EFFECTIVE Date in Purchase Order Summary form, this information is displayed from the Effective (Start) Date populated under 'Terms and Conditions' window (Terms button in PO entry form) for planned purchase orders, blanket purchase agreements, and contract purchase agreements. Remember Standard Purchase Orders will have this field disabled and this field will be enabled only for the other 3 purchasing documents.