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Proof Of Delivery Inbound Interface process help

Discussion in 'General' started by pisipati79, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. pisipati79

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    Hi, we are building a new Interface which was not existing before in my company, i.e 3PD to Oracle, Proof Of Delivery Inbound Interface. There are some files that are sent by 3PD like Ordere Level Detail, package Level Details,Signature records, Driver record, Order Notes and Freight Cost. All these files are in txt format. We would ask the 3PD to place the files at a FTP location, now how should I develop this Interface to bring those files into oracle? There are many fields in each file which are not there in Oracle Base tables.
    My Questions :
    1.) How can we bring the files from FTP location into oracle ?
    2) Any of you have worked on such process, if yes, can they provide any document which you built like an MD50 or any functional specs, for my reference ?

    All suggestions and any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank You...
  2. Bharat

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    Vijayawada, India
    Re: Proof Of Delivery Inbound Interface process help

    Hi ,

    I think you can use e-Commerce gateway in oracle to achieve this. I heard we can do through this.. Search on that topic. May you can get clues..
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