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Problem with Workflows

Discussion in 'Oracle Webcenter Suite (formerly Oracle ECM)' started by guliflower, Apr 6, 2010.

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    Hello, my current problem is how to use workflows in a useful way.
    What I need to do is to set up a workflow for sales in a way, that the sales clerk creates several documents related to the sales offer. For some time he is working with them on his own, and when the documents are ready, he creates a workflow so that the sales manager can approve the offer. Finally the approved documents should become read only.

    My problems:
    1. If creating Criteria W:mad:F - it can depend only on 1 info field and is activated only upon check in, not when the info field is updated.
    2. If working with basic WF - users will hate to go to another screen and add three documents every time they want to start the WF, when it is easier just to e-mail the docs to the boss.
    3. I don't find the way how to make the documents read only after approval, or how to change any info field for the document after approval (how to change it automatically).

    So what I have done is:
    1. I created a criteria WF, based on the ProfileTrigger field, which is SalesOffer for all three document types,
    2. I added two WF steps, to the first one I added the token (original author) and set it to "Users can review and edit (replace) the current revision". As additional exit condition I defined an info field OfferStatus=Approval, by default this field will be set to "Draft" upon check-in.

    So that after contribution the WF is started and the author can work on the document untill he changesd the status to "Approval" and approves himself. If only the standard approval was defined, after the first check-in/check-out the document would be considered as approved. Then I have found out that if I uncheck the Revision Finished Editing at the check in, the document will not go to the next step of the WF. The on default this field is checked. So the user might not notice it.
    And another problem is that as long as the document is in WF, the docunent is visible, but not findable, i.e. it can not be found by search, though one can find it through navigation in folders.

    3. And finally I do not see how the approved document can be made "ReadOnly"