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Priority between db_files and MAXDATAFILES parameters

Discussion in 'Server Administration and Options' started by nish.1308, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. nish.1308

    nish.1308 Guest

    In Oracle 10g ( more specifically ), which parameter takes priority out of this two ? :
    1> MAXDATAFILES of create database/create controlfile statement
    2> db_files parameter in initSID.ora file

    For example ,

    If i have created database with MAXDATAFILES set to 500 and i have not set db_files at all in initSID.ora file.
    how much datafiles can i create max ?

    I have seen metalink doc so please i am expecting some practical answers :)
  2. tyro

    tyro Forum Genius

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    Hi nish, the MAXDATAFILES parameter of the control file will expand automatically upto the db_files parameter, provided you are above Oracle 8i. So if for example your MAXDATAFILES is set to 32 and db_files is 40 and when you try to add a new data file, the MAXDATAFILE will increase in the control file automatically.

    However as in your case if you have not specified a db_files parameter, if you attempt to add a new file whose number exceeds your MAXDATAFILE, it will throw you a ORA-1118 error.

    Hope this was practical enough!
  3. nish.1308

    nish.1308 Guest


    But i could not create datafiles more than 200, eventhough my MAXDATAFILES parameter is 500 !?

    It took 200 because it is defalut value for db_files in (if db_files not specified in init.ora).
  4. professional

    professional Active Member

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    yes you did not understand what tyro (how are u mate?) said above.the MAXDATAFILES only goes upto the db_files. Since you did not specify db_files ot went upto a max of 200. Set your db_files to 500 and your MAXDATAFILES will also go upto 500.
  5. Arju

    Arju Forum Expert

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    Look at the post DB_FILES MAXDATAFILES and ORA-00059. It will clear everything.

    It is very important to know that if you are after oracle 8i then we should just forget about MAXDATAFILES parameter.
  6. nish.1308

    nish.1308 Guest

    Thank you, Arju, Professional & Tyro . That post helped.