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PO status is Incomplete

Discussion in 'Oracle SCM & Manufacturing' started by anil_yadiki47, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. anil_yadiki47

    anil_yadiki47 Active Member

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    Hi Gurus,

    My client is using Employee/supervisor Hierarchy and related setups are setup correctly.

    I have verified below setups for Employee-Supervisor Hierarchy:

    Financial Option - Position Hierarchy check box is Unchecked

    Employee defined and supervisor assigned correctly

    Jobs are defined and assigned to employee and supervisor

    Approval Groups, Approval assigned defined, assigned correctly

    Document Type for Standard purchase order defined - User Can approve, Approver Can modify, Can change forward check boxes are Enabled.

    Both the members status "Active".

    If end user is trying to approve Standard Purchase order above limit, it is not going to Supervisor approval automatically, status is showing as "Incomplete", If I Click on Approve button, Approve document screen and check Forward check box Supervisor name is populating and forwarding to supervisor, As per setups system should by default send to the supervisor if amount exceeds the limit.

    If I try raise standard purchase order within his limit, PO is approving automatically

    Can you please anyone advise to troubleshoot this issue, where am I going wrong?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Bharat

    Bharat Community Moderator Forum Guru

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    Vijayawada, India
    What are the employee and supervisor limits ?
  3. debapriya

    debapriya Active Member

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    approval limit should be more than down position