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PO issue

Discussion in 'Oracle SCM & Manufacturing' started by srikanthkumar, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. srikanthkumar

    srikanthkumar Active Member

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    hi, i have an issue,
    for Business Group1 A and C Employes and Positions are there, For Business Group 2 Employe B Exists,
    while i am creating Position Hierarchy in Business Group2 Employe A,B and C are in Hierarchy.
    While i am Creating Position Hierarchy in BG2 Employe Positions of A and C are Mandatory in GB2 then only i will Create in Position Hierarchy in BG2,
    and the Login ids for Employe A and C should not be repeated in BG2.
    Can i Create Employe Positions of A and C Once again in BG2,
    or is there any Alternative
    Please share

    thanx and regards,


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  2. Sadik

    Sadik Community Moderator Forum Guru

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    I think you can create Positions of A and C again in BG2 since by it's very definition BG differentiates user data so it should not be an issue. I recommend you test it out in your test instance.