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Place Holder Columns

Discussion in 'SQL PL/SQL' started by Abdul32156, May 1, 2012.

  1. Abdul32156

    Abdul32156 Guest

    Hi, Friends this is Abdul.

    For eg: My report header consist user_name,resp_name,application_name . for displaying pupouse we take place holder columns and we write pl/sql code in before report trigger
    select user_name into :cp_1 from fnd_user
    where user_id=fnd_srwinit('user_name');

    like that ,is it possible to take all parameters with in a single select statement.
  2. zargon

    zargon Community Moderator Forum Guru

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    Aurora, CO
    Yes, you can pass as many variables in the INTO clause as you need (in this case it would be three):

    select user_name, resp_name, application_name into :cp_1,:cp_2, :cp_3 from fnd_user
    wher user_id=fnd_srwinit('user_name');

    Also, it is easier to answer quiestions if they are in the correct forum; this was moved to SQL/PLSQL.