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Performance tunning in Oracle Apps

Discussion in 'System Administration & Application DBA' started by vinay056, Aug 24, 2011.

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    Performance Tunning

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    Aurora, CO
    Where is the rest of the methodology? Where are the new features from 11g like setting the optimizer_dynamic_sampling parameter? Where is the discussion on the differences that can be displayed between explain plan and autotrace? Where is the discussion on how to combine the plan and the per-query statistics to determine if a plan is good or bad? Where is the discussion on plan stability, profiles, baselines and outlines? Where is the discussion on how system statistics affect query plans? Where is the discussion on how to tune statements you cannot change? The CHOOSE optimizer_mode value has been deprecated; why wasn't that mentioned? How does one ensure that the current statistics accurately reflect the data? Prove why all_rows favors full table scans because I don't experience that behaviour in my systems. Oracle can 'ignore' a hint if the statistics provide a better execution plan; why wasn't that discussed? How does all of this apply to Oracle applications?

    There is much missing from your presentation.