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Performance issue adding a new product line to existing Quote pricing issue

Discussion in 'General' started by praveen Kotyal, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    need some assistance with this as we are currently stuck with this...

    Using the Seeded API call mentioned here : aso_quote_pub.update_quote we are trying to add a new product/item lines to an existing quote in Sales Online Module but it is taking lot of time ( means performance issue is there ).

    Also if there are already existing some product/quote lines on the quote and then we try to add another new product/quote line to this quote , then also it more and more of the time..

    There are some parameters which we are setting as mentioned below :

    l_control_rec.header_pricing_event := 'BATCH' -- What does this mean when we set to batch
    l_control_rec.price_mode := 'ENTIRE_QUOTE'; -- (possible values could be CHANGE_LINES , QUOTE_LINE)
    l_header_rec.pricing_status_indicator := 'C';
    l_control_rec.calculate_freight_charge_flag := 'Y';
    l_control_rec.calculate_tax_flag := 'Y';
    l_header_rec.tax_status_indicator := 'C';

    Question :Could someone please help us with this whether it there any way these parameters could be altered or changed to some other value ( like for PRICE_MODE we see this parameter could have some other values like : CHANGE_LINES , QUOTE_LINE etc other than ENTIRE_QUOTE).

    means lets say we do the Pricing Engine call only for the Newly Added quote line but not do it for the Entire Quote again and again..

    Question : Now the other question here could be how do we finally synch the line level price values for all the quote lines upto the Quote header level in form of Totals (TOTAL_LIST_PRICE,TOTAL_TAX, TOTAL_SHIPPING_CHARGE, SURCHARGE, TOTAL_QUOTE_PRICE in aso_quote_headers_all table) ??

    2.Also is there a way that we don't do the Freight Charge calculation and Tax calculation (means we skip this completely) while adding products to the quote but do it at a later point when doing the Submit to Order functionality.

    Could someone please help with these pricing related parameters and modes to be used in order to get around this performance issue